Can anyone help with this Frizelle query?

"William Frizelle was baptised 10 April 1823 at Kilfinnane Parish, Co. Limerick, Ireland, the son of John Fizzell and his wife Mary Stark of Kilfinnane.

The parents were married on 13 January 1819 at Kilfinnane; John was a farmer and both were members of the Church of Ireland. 

Originally, William was a farmer like his father, he enlisted in the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) on 20 December 1844, initially serving in County Louth. It seems that when he joined the RIC, the spelling of his surname was changed from Fizzell to that of Frizelle. Unfortunately his service record on the official registry was neglected to be updated thereafter until the time of the date of his retirement and that date is now so faded as to be unreadable. 

Briefly, he served in Co. Donegal and shortly after his marriage in 1851 he was transferred to Co. Sligo and the remainder of his police career was served in that County. He retired from the RIC with the rank of Sergeant in about 1887. 

He married 19 June 1851 at Kilbarron (Church of Ireland), Co. Donegal, Ireland to Jane McNeely. Jane was born in 1833 at Co. Sligo, Ireland, the daughter of John McNeely. William died 4 July 1907 at Sligo, Co. Sligo. Jane died 6 July 1929 at Ballina, Co. Mayo, Ireland. They had a total of nine children of whom six were still alive at the time of the 1911 census."