While searching for Frizelles, I found James Frizelle in Australia so I emailed him the family tree... It seems at the moment that we're not related, but we'll see. It seems that an ancestor of James' (William, b. 1824) added the final 'e' - prior to that, the name was spelled 'Frizell'.


James posted me a copy of a family tree that his dad and uncle got done a number of years ago; a very large, hand-written document, and very much appreciated - thanks James! I have fed it all into the family tree software, and it is now available here (not showing current generations, for privacy reasons).


John and Betty Hunter

A copy of a page from a very old edition of the Ireland's Own was given to me (no date shown on it though), and it has a request in it from people called John and Betty Hunter, as follows:

"As Australians interested in finding out about our Irish heritage, we have had no success in tracing the beginnings of one of our ancestors, John Geroge Friz(z)ell. We believe he emigrated to the goldfields of Victoria from Wexford in 1862, possibly with his sister Martha. Another sister, Charlotte, appears to have followed in 1886.

His death certificate, dated 1918, says he came from New Ross, and gave his age as 74, which may or may not be correct. He worked as a blacksmith / wheelwright in Australlia.

His mother's name appears variously as Alice or Elizabeth Behan, and his father's Christian name sometimes as George, and sometimes as John George.

We would love to hear from anyone with information that will help us."

I've been in contact with John, and we belong to the same family tree - he send on a whole branch that was missing from my tree, so thanks for that, John!