Below is the gist of an email that I received from Janet Frizzell in Ontario, Canada. I got Janet's email address through Bob Frizzel in the Irish Palatine Association. It seems that we may not be related, but maybe this information will help someone else to make a connection.


"One of my sons lives less than 10 miles from where my Sutton Frizzell, b. Ireland, Anglican, and Sarah  (Campbell I think) b. Scotland, Roman Catholic, lived, from 1811 - 1850s.  The house is still there on a residential street.

Sutton's 100th Regiment of Foot originated in Dublin. I know he was in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as early as 1806 as a soldier... possibly he came with the regiment in 1804.  I  suspect that he came from Wexford (Old or New Ross) but that's just an assumption.

There are some other Frizzell lines here in Ontario (various sp of course)  I am trying to sort them out but no luck with making connections yet.

What religion are your Frizelles? My Sutton was Church of England in every census, as were his children. His wife was always Roman Catholic in every census. Unusual for those days. I have never found their marriage certificate, nor Sarah's death certificate.

Do you think your line came to Ireland from Germany as Palatines? Or possbly from France as Hugenouts?

I see your Charles, 1772 - 1798 was hanged as a rebel.  He would have been 26. The Frizzells in Perth Ontario, came over several years after mine, They had many names the same, and were anglican, but I have never been able to connect them. I believe they strongly objected when one child married a Roman Catholic.  The tombstone in Perth mentions that they are descended from Charles Frizzell, Ireland - I have to find the exact inscription.  I believe it mentions the 1798 rebellion and Wexford, but wait for me to confirm that info.  Could it be your Charles?"


Also from Janet:

"I think Bob Frizzel was refering to my line when he mentioned Sutton Richard Frizzell who immigrated to Canada in early 1800.  He also mentioned someone going to New York state.... that might be my grandfather, 2 of his siblings, plus my father when he was 17.  Watertown was the nearest big city to find work. I was born there and we moved to Canada when I was young.

One son of Sutton Richard was living in Pennsylvania for the 1880 census. Several of his children went there as well.  It seems all the other children of Sutton Richard. stayed in Canada."


None of this ties in with what I have at the moment... the Sutton at the top of my family tree was born in 1717, whereas Janet's Sutton was in Ontario in 1806. But if any of it rings a bell with someone else, I'd be delighted to hear from you!