The information here is from some pages that I received a long time ago about Frizelles in New Woodstock and Massachusetts. Like much of the family tree information that I have stored away, I can't recall who gave it to me. I have indented the different generations and also moved some of the information around to try and make it easier to follow.


If anyone can add anything to it, please do get in contact.


"The family of Frizelle was among the early settlers of New Woodstock. The head of this famly was Samuel, direct descendant of James Frizelle who settled in Massachusetts when 26. Hume's 'History of England' relates that Cromwell, commander of the English army under King Charles, sent four or five hundred Scotch prisoners to Boston, Massachusetts. Among them were two brothers, James and Samuel Frizelle. The elder brother, James, was the ancestor of Samuel of New Woodstock, the line being as follows:

James Frizelle, born 1626, settled in Roxbury, Massechusetts (now part of Boston), in 1652, and died in 1716.

His son James had a son Samuel, born 1742, who, with his wife, took letters from the church in Woodstock, Vermont, to Brimfield, Massechusetts, where they resided during their lifetime, and where Samuel, an early settler of New Woodstock, was born in 1769. He moved in 1793 to New Woodstock, New York. In 1799 he married Polly Tiffney, their home being 3/4 of a mile south of New Woodstock on the place which still bears the name of the Frizelle farm. The had nine children: Horace, Erasmus, Daniel, [three girls, no names provided], also Mary, Caroline and Julia.

Their son Horace and family lived in Syracuse.

Erasmus Frizelle, born in 1801, lived in the old place, caring for his parents during the last years of their lives. He married Sarah Sawyer in 1829. They had sons, Electus L, Erasmus Bert and Ensign Hill, and daughters Elizabeth, Elzine, Emma and Ella. In 1861, Erasmus sold the old Frizelle homestead where he and all his children were born, and moved to Independence, Iowa, where his wife died in 1878, and in 1883 he died at the age of 82.

Electus L. married Emma Hackett, and in 1861 moved to Iowa, later to Nevada, Mo., where they now reside.

Erasmus Burt (Bert?) married Margarite Torrey and resides in Sterling, Kansas.

Ensign Hill is unmarried and resides in the far west.

Elizabeth married J.C. Ransier.

Elzina married A.E. Stewart, and later J.M. Sparling.

Emma died in 1881.

Ella married J. Hammant, and later G. Thomas Fleming of Buffalo where they now reside.

Daniel, the youngest son of Samuel Frizelle, was born in 1818. He married Fannie, daughter of Wm. T. Richmond. Their home was in Delphi for four years. They then returned to New Woodstock where they lived the remainder of their lives. They had 4 children, Minnie, now Mrs. Peters, Wm. S, both of whom reside in New Woodstock; Albert of Syracuse; and Fannie who died in infancy. Mr. Frizelle learned the trade of mason. He served as deputy postmaster during Wm. T.. Richmond's incumbency , and was justice of the peace for 16 years. He then became the owner of the old Frizelle farm, and his death occurred there. His wife died a few years later.

Then daughters were born to Samuel and Polly Frizelle, three of whom married three Hill brothers: Ensign, Orange and Rodney. Orange Hill married for his third wife another of the Frizelle sisters, Mrs. Percy Chapman, of Syracuse.

Mary Frizelle became Mrs. Litchfield of Cazenovia.

Caroline married Mr. Rice, and lived in Aurora, Illinois.

Julia, the youngest one, married John Loomis and lived several years in New Woodstock, afterward moving to Independence, Iowa. Their two children were Lewis and Gertrude. After the death of the latter, Mrs. Loomis because a homeopathic phsysician, locating at Colorado Springs, where she built and, with the aid of her husband, successfully conducted a sanitarium until her death.

James Frizelle, brother of the pioneer Samuel, lived in the barn meeting house when it ws burned. He had a sawmill on the left side of the road to floodport, just below the bridge. His children were Amanda [Wheeler], Sumner and Sally Frizelle. Clinton Wheeler and family are the only descendants."