I went to the 'Back To Our Past' Genealogy event in the RDS (Dublin) in October 2011 and it was an absolutely wonderful source of information.


Some of the sources of info that were shown there :

I found all of them very interesting, but the first one, Irish Newspaper Archives, was particularly interesting - if you look up Frizelles, you'll see that there are a lot of entries in the various newspapers (is that good or bad??!) You have to subscribe to get the actual articles, and I'm going to do that, but on the day the guy at the Newspaper Archives stand retrieved two of articles in full and emailed them to me.

  • One of them was an article in The Freeman's Journal dated 25th Feb 1804, and relates to a Charles Frazer Frizelle who was on trial for attempting to murder a William Ledwich. And, very interestingly, at the Find My Past stand I then came across a record of a Marriage Licence between a Charles Frazer Frizelle and a Maria Elinor Ledwith in 1803 - can we assume that it's the same Charles Frazer Frizelle, that he married William Ledwich's daughter in 1803, and then had a bit of a fallling-out with his father-in-law the following year??! (The surnames are shown slightly differently alright; William is 'Ledwich' and Maria is 'Ledwith').

    It's a bit of a leap I know - we need to look into it in more detail, but this is the kind of thing that really brings it all to life, when two different sources appear to tie in and create a much more interesting picture.