The Unitarian Church in Cork has made available its baptism records dating from 1717 to 1900. The full Excel spreadsheet is available through their website, but in the meantime I have extraced the Frazer / Fraser records into a separate spreadsheet (no Frizelles, unfortunately!)


Census Forms

There are 1901 and 1911 census forms available online, showing Frizelles in many parts of Ireland. (See the last column on the census form: "If Deaf and Dumb; Dumb Only; Blind; Imbecile or Idiot; or Lunatic" - how very descriptive!!)


There are many of the census forms with Frizelles on them that I can't tie in to the Frizelles I have on the family tree.  The complete list of Frizelles from the 1901 census is here, and the complete list from the 1911 census is here - both lists are sorted by county, but you can sort by Forename, Age, etc. instead by clicking the relevant heading.

An interesting anomoly - there is a Kathleen Frizelle, aged 20, on the 1911 form, described as the granddaughter of an Elizabeth Devine. So Kathleen should be somewhere on the 1901 census, aged 10 - but there is no trace of her on that one. Where was she in 1901?


1901 census, completed by Nicholas Joseph (N.J.) Frizelle (my great grandfather).

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Census, 1901, NJ Frizelle


1911 census, also completed by my great grandfather, Nicholas Joseph (N.J.) Frizelle.

My grand-father, Samuel, is on this 1911 ensus. The 1901 census above also has a Samuel, aged 1, but he died in 1902. When the next boy was born 5 years later he was called Samuel as well, and was 4 years old in 1911.

Census 1911 NJ Frizelle 


1911 census, completed by Johanna Frizelle (nee Roche), a first cousin of N.J. Frizelle above.

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Census 1911 Johanna Roche