Here is an enquiry I received from a gentleman called Richard - can anyone shed any light on this?

"In your searches and established Frizelles'history, I wonder if you have come across the Frizelles who once owned Castle Kevin in the Wicklow hills, a large country estate.

I am 74, my grandma was Alice Frizelle, was born I believe in Co Wicklow, and her father was Rev Richard Frizelle of St Thomas' Church Marlborough St, Dublin.

There was some connection to the Frizelles at Castle Kevin but I am having difficulty establishing what the relationship was. Alice married twice, and was Alice Marshall at the 1901 census, aged 32.

I have a huge amount of info on the Castle Kevin Frizelles (provided by a direct now deceased descendant) but have never been able to find an Alice there. I haven't even managed to find Alice's birth cert.

I wonder if you can help please?

Many thanks and kind regards,